Moving Right Along

I have a lot of interests. My Misc. Fandom blog is here and my GW2 blog is here. :)




If you reblog this before July 1 2014, I will write your url down and stick it in a jar or whatever. Over the summer I will take the jar of urls and I will scatter them around. They may get taped to public loos, they may be thrown into crowds at festivals, or they may get put under napkins at restaurants.
Some one may find your url, and who knows, they could message you telling you where they found it.
You have until July 1 to reblog.

about a week left!!

I’m Moving Blogs

I wanted to have a neutral primary blog.

I’ve moved everything over to a secondary blog. So I won’t post here anymore. So, er, feel free to unfollow this one and head on over to one of these:

TV / Movies / General Fandom and Miscellaneous blog:

Guild Wars 2 blog:

Happy posting! :3